Wilco (the album)

This June the band Wilco are due to bless the world with the release of their seventh studio album which bares the creatively-uncreative title of Wilco (the album). Since their debut album A.M. in 1995, Wilco has easily been one of the most consistent live and studio bands on the music scene gathering a large amount of fervent fans as their music bounces through the airwaves worldwide.  Jeff Tweedy (the singer and the guitarist) leads this pack of alternative-rocking Chicagoans who have the crafty ability to mix a wide array of styles into their music which leads to their exclusive sound.  Rumour has it that Wilco (the album) was crafted in a similar studio-sculpted style to their legendary fourth album Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and that should make plenty of fans happy.  Canadian folk singer, Feist, is also reported to have provided vocals on the song “You and I”; a song about two lovers trying to keep their relationship together.  Wilco (the song) was debuted on The Colbert Report on October 30th, 2008 and sounds pretty damn fine.  Wilco (the album) is due to be released no later than June 30th, 2009.Here’s the recently unveiled album cover and tracklisting:

Wilco (the album)
1.  Wilco (the song)
2.  Deeper Down
3.  One Wing
4.  Bull Black Nova
5.  You and I
6.  You Never Know
7.  Country Disappeared
8.  Solitaire
9.  I’ll Fight
10.  Sonny Feeling
11.  Everlasting Everything

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